/lɒŋ / (say long)

adjective (longer /ˈlɒŋgə / (say 'longguh), longest /ˈlɒŋgəst / (say 'longguhst))
1. having considerable or great extent from end to end; not short: a long distance.
2. having considerable or great extent in duration: a long visit.
3. having many items; of more than average number: a long list.
4. having considerable or great extension from beginning to end, as a series, enumeration, account, book, etc.; not brief.
5. having a specified extension in space, duration, etc.: ten metres long.
6. continuing too long: a long speech.
7. beyond the normal extension in space, duration, quantity, etc.: a long match.
8. extending to a great distance in space or time: a long memory.
9. broad; taking in all aspects: a long look at her future.
10. having a long time to run, as a promissory note.
11. not likely: a long chance.
12. relating to the longest of several or the longer of two: I'll take the long one.
13. concentrated; intense: taking a long look at his faults.
14. (of drinks) of considerable or great quantity; thirst-quenching rather than intoxicating, as a diluted alcoholic drink.
15. Chiefly Law distant or remote in time: a long date.
16. relatively much extended: a long reach.
17. tall.
18. (of the head or skull) of more than ordinary length from front to back.
19. Phonetics
a. lasting a relatively long time: `feed' has a longer vowel than `feet' or `fit'.
b. belonging to a class of sounds considered as usually longer in duration than another class.
20. Commerce
a. owning some commodity or stock.
b. depending for profit on a rise in prices.
21. Gambling
a. of an exceptionally large difference in proportional amounts on an event: long odds.
b. of or relating to the larger number in the odds in betting.
22. Cricket in the field, near the boundary; deep.
23. something that is long, especially a garment in a size for taller people: I like the colour, but do you have it in a long?
24. for or through a great extent of space or, especially, time: a reform long advocated.
25. for or throughout a specified extent, especially of time: how long did she stay?
26. (in elliptical expressions) gone, occupying, delaying, etc., a long or a specified time: don't be long.
27. (for emphasis, after nouns denoting a period of time) throughout the whole length: all summer long.
28. at a point of time far distant from the time indicated: long before.
29. before long, in the near future; soon.
30. for long, (used negatively and interrogatively) for a long time: will you be staying for long?
31. in the long run, after a long course of experience; in the final result.
32. long in the tooth, Colloquial elderly. {Phrase Origin: originally with reference to horses, from the fact that gums recede with an animal's age, making the teeth look longer. The phrase was in use by 1910.}
33. long time no see, (a greeting used to imply that it has been too long since one's last contact with the person greeted.)
34. so (or as) long as, provided that.
35. so long, Colloquial goodbye.
36. take long, to take a long time.
37. the long and the short of, the kernel of; substance of; gist of.
{Middle English longe, Old English lang, long}
/lɒŋ / (say long)

verb (i)
1. to have a prolonged or unceasing desire, as for something not immediately (if ever) attainable.
2. to have an earnest or strong desire.
{Middle English longen, Old English langian lengthen, (impersonal) arouse desire in, from lang long1}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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